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A fresh approach to Computer Science Education since 2013

In 2013 we were among the few providers of Computer Science education for the preK to 8th grade student. It was considered too difficult for this age group. However, with our ‘micro lesson’ approach we have found a way to translate the university to the elementary.

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Instructor Concepts

Seven Key Teaching Categories

Every instructor can teach this lesson. Every concept within this category is reiterated in across all lessons within all categories.

Software tells the hardware what to do, but what is hardware. Our instructors dig deep in to computer hardware components.

Once our students understand how to think about the world around us, understand how hardware works, our instructors help build a strong software vocabulary.

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Instructors lead students through a gamified, story based educational journey of how we as a society have gone from cave paintings to our most advanced A.I. we have today.

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In this section of lessons, instructors show students how to translate the real world into a form computing device can understand.

From the massive networks of hardware to the original software that makes it happen, our instructors use these lessons to show our students how we move all the “BIG DATA” around the world.

The final category in the our series of lessons . Instructors prepare students for true text based programming lessons. After these lessons instructors guide our students to attend courses in Coding + Game Design, Animation development, Electronic Music Production or even Artificial Intelligence.