CT1.00- How does MicroLearning work?

Meet a member of our team, hear about the MicroLearning process. Pick our brain

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This is a test course. You will have a 15 minute lesson on what MicroLearning is and how we teach the class. It's a great way for students to practice their classroom setup and get comfortable with the process.   It's also great for parents to get good insight into what exactly the student will do in class.

A Summary

Minimum Grade 2nd Grade and up
Complexity Level Low
Length 20 minutes / Class
Subject Area Microlearning process


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REQUIRED: Other than a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with an internet connection ... nothing at all. This class is available for anyone who wants to give micro learning a try and see how classes are ran.

Target Audience

Anyone and everyone. Come one come all. This is a great starter to learn more about Computational Thinkers and Mircolearning.


YES.  But don't worry. You don't have to get a high score. We will still put you through a test cycle so you can practice and learn how the class does their tests and games. Don't worry, this will be fun.