CT4.11 – Jacquard’s Loom

Inspiring early computing.

  • 01 December
    20 minutes (Multiple time slots)
    Session information
    Session 1
    Wed 01 Dec 08:00 HST - Wed 01 Dec 08:20 HST
    Session 2
    Wed 01 Dec 10:00 HST - Wed 01 Dec 10:20 HST
    Session 3
    Wed 01 Dec 13:00 HST - Wed 01 Dec 13:20 HST
    Session 4
    Wed 01 Dec 15:00 HST - Wed 01 Dec 15:20 HST
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Computing before there were computers. This lesson focuses on the ground breaking concepts that lead to modern day programming. Though it may seem out of place, understanding Jaquard's Loom is pretty critical to upcoming concepts in the history of electronic communications.

Target Audience

We think this is best for students 2nd grade and up.


YES.  Just like most of our micro-lessons there will be a test after this lesson. The entire class is 20 minutes long. 15 minutes will be devoted to material and 5 minutes for testing. You will do great. Don't worry. You can always retest again if you aren't able to achieve 80% or better the first time around.

A Summary


Minimum Grade Best for students 2nd grade and up
Complexity Level Low
Length 20 minutes / Class
Subject Area Concepts of modern day programming