AP Computer Science Test Practice

Bolster your high school transcript with AP course credits.

  • 01 December
    Duration 8 weeks:1.25 hours on Wednesday 6:15pm-7:30pm HST Sessions (8)
    Session information
    Session 1
    Wed 01 Dec 18:15 HST - Wed 01 Dec 19:30 HST
    Session 2
    Wed 08 Dec 18:15 HST - Wed 08 Dec 19:30 HST
    Session 3
    Wed 15 Dec 18:15 HST - Wed 15 Dec 19:30 HST
    Session 5
    Wed 22 Dec 18:15 HST - Wed 22 Dec 19:30 HST
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Why should you take AP classes?
Why should you practice so much before hand?

Taking AP courses is a great way to bolster your high school transcript in college applications, as by succeeding in AP courses, you are demonstrating that you are intellectually mature enough to handle the rigor of college classes.

Just as a marathon runner wouldn't attempt a marathon without having run a marathon ahead of time, one should not attempt an AP exam without taking several practice exams in advance. In fact,  several practice tests (big ands mall) is preferred, like a runners mini, short practice runs.



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This course does require the completion of:

The above courses consist of at least 32 hours of classroom

A Summary


Minimum Grade No true minimum grade required but the prerequisites are strictly enforced. 
Complexity Level High
Length 75 minutes /Class/1 Day a week
Subject Area Test practice for the APCS A exam

Target Audience

Though there is no official minimum age, this course is for the student that is serious about their Computer Science education and ready to put in the time and energy needed to do well on the exam in order to be properly prepared for college level courses. Students in this course have already spent, at least a year planning, building up their Java knowledge and are ready to begin the final phase of test prep. This course is the natural progression after having developed a strong foundation of the Java programming language.


YES and NO.  Since this class is ALL about tests, we will not have a test about tests 🤯. Instead, each class period is a test. You will be given weekly challenges, written and code challenges to complete. On most days you will know if you completed the task properly or not. There are several Free Response Questions (FRQ's) that will be graded manually.