CT3.04 – Databases

What is a database?

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Keeping it high level (there are several other courses that dig deeper into the details of databases), this course simply introduces students to the ideas of a piece of software that has the sole job of managing and organizing data and discuss some of the major brands. 


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REQUIRED: CT2.01 - Hardware vs Software

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A Summary


Minimum Grade Best  for students 4th grade and up
Complexity Level Medium
Length 20 minutes / Class
Subject Area Introduction of software and some major brands

Target Audience

We think this is best for students 4th grade and up. Remember, there could be exceptions to this rule but based on our experience students in 4th grade are already interacting with databases but may not know it.


YES.  Just like all of our micro-lessons there will be a test after this lesson. We will ask questions requiting a student to identify which is/is not a known database, which is a programming language of a database, who is the developing company of the database software. The entire class is 20 minutes long. 15 minutes will be devoted to material and 5 minutes for testing. You will do great. Don't worry. You can always retest again if you aren't able to achieve 80% or better the first time around.