CT1.01-Computer Science vs Computational Thinking

Aren't they both the same thing? Not at all. Learn why.

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Before starting any Computer Science and programming courses, we want all of our students to begin with a strong technical vocabulary and fundamental understanding of how a computer scientists thinks and problem solves.  Writing code is a small portion of what it takes to be a a computer scientist.  This micro-lesson is where the journey begins.  First let's understand the field and why it's so important to everyone's future. 


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Luckily, this is where it all begins and there is no prerequisites.

Target Audience

Since this is the first micro lesson in this series it is suggested that all of our students attend this class, regardless of your age.


YES.  Just like all of our micro-lessons there will be a test after each lesson. The entire class is 20 minutes long. 15 minutes will be devoted to material and 5 minutes for testing. No need to panic, you can always do the test again if you aren't able to achieve 80% or more the first time around.

A Summary


Minimum Grade No minimum grade required
Complexity Level Low
Length 20 minutes / Class
Subject Area Technical Vocabulary and Fundamental understanding