CT4.17 – First Hardware: Charles Babbage

The father of Computing.

  • 02 December
    20 minutes (Multiple time slots)
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    Session 1
    Thu 02 Dec 08:00 HST - Thu 02 Dec 08:20 HST
    Session 2
    Thu 02 Dec 10:00 HST - Thu 02 Dec 10:20 HST
    Session 3
    Thu 02 Dec 13:00 HST - Thu 02 Dec 13:20 HST
    Session 4
    Thu 02 Dec 15:00 HST - Thu 02 Dec 15:20 HST
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This lesson we learn about the Babbage and his Difference Engine and his Analytical Engine

A Summary


Minimum Grade Best for students 2nd grade and up
Complexity Level Low
Length 20 minutes / Class
Subject Area Charles Babbage and his Inventions

Target Audience

We think this is best for students 2nd grade and up.


YES.  Just like most of our micro-lessons there will be a test after this lesson.

The entire class is 20 minutes long. 15 minutes will be devoted to material and 5 minutes for testing.

You will do great. Don't worry. You can always retest again if you aren't able to achieve 80% or better the first time around.