Python for Beginners: Level 1

Programming for the complete beginner

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In this class, students will be making their own video game using one of the world’s most powerful multipurpose programing language called Python.

Python is a good language for rapid game prototyping, for beginners learning how to make simple games and for building tools for game designers.

Python is known for its’ powerful string (aka, word) manipulation tools, easy web development features and practically a golden standard language to use for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence projects.


Though Python is not really considered a language for programming games, it is still a very important tool in a game developer’s tool kit. Because we know how important Python is for Hawaii’s future Data Science Engineers and machine learning programmers for A.I., we want students to have the opportunity to become familiar with the language through this friendly, game-development setting. Parsing a spreadsheet of data into a digital data set, does not shout out FUN, yet under the ruse of game development, we will covertly empower students with skills needed for their computational future.

Target Audience

5th grade and up for students with SOME programing experience. If no experience it’s best to begin with the Intro to Python Class or a Computational Thinking course to build a solid foundation.