CT4.06A – Writing Systems of the World

A brief outline of 51 different writing systems from around the world, divided into 6 types

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All societies have a spoken or signed language, but not all languages have a written form. Since writing developed in different ways in different places, writing systems differ greatly around the world. In this lesson we will learn about writing systems, the different components that make up a writing system, the development of different writing systems over time.

A Summary


Minimum Grade Best for students 4th grade and up
Complexity Level Medium
Length 20 minutes / Class
Subject Area Writing systems, its components and developments

Target Audience

We think this material can be rather complicated for a student that is still learning to read and write, so we want to keep this lesson to 4th Grade and up.


YES.  Just like most of our micro-lessons there will be a test after this lesson and some gamification along the way. We will ask questions requiting a student to identify the ways in which we put writing into types and deciding which languages falls into which type.

The entire class is 20 minutes long. 15 minutes will be devoted to material and 5 minutes for testing. You will do great. Don't worry. You can always retest again if you aren't able to achieve 80% or better the first time around."""