Samantha Kimsey

Samantha Kimsey Face and Teacher Ranking: EPIC

Known by her students as:  "Mrs Sam

The first teacher at Computational Thinkers and original curriculum  designer of all core Computational Thinking content.  Samantha hales from the South.  She grew up in South Eastern Tennessee in a small town called Turtletown.  No really … it’s called Turtletown.   Though she moved from Turtletown at 18 to go to university, she still appreciates her roots.  After completing her Computer Science degree at the University of Arizona, traveling in Europe for a few years and consulting for another 15+ years for Oracle, she now lives happily with her husband and daughter in Honolulu, where she’s been since 2010.



  • Bachelors of Science, Computer Science
  • Minor German Linguistics
Samantha completed some of her undergraduate work at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville as well as the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt Germany.  Her final Bachelor of Computer Science degree was completed at the University of Arizona, Tucson along with a minor in German Linguistics. 


Samantha's background has been largely focused on technical Enterprise Application Development and Consulting for Oracle Inc. and PeopleSoft, Inc in the United States and abroad. She has over fifteen years of technical and functional experience in all phases of design, development, integration and implementation of various ERP Application suites, which include: Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Portals, Human Capital Management and Supply Chain Management Systems. She has worked for clients within the financial services, communications, high tech, government and real estate industries.

As a technical lead, integration lead and functional lead for several implementations, she has developed a strong functional knowledge of business processes involved in several application suites as well as the technical skill set to implement the solutions. 


Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year
Honor Date: February 2016
Honor Issuer: Hawaii Venture Capital Association
Honor description: HVCA Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her work with creating Computational Thinkers.


Honolulu's 2017 "Best Of" award winner for an Education Centet

Honor Date: June 2017  
Honor Issuer: Honolulu Family Magazine
Honor description: Computer Science education provider outside of Schools


Where did you attend school?

University of Arizona, Tucson

Goethe Institue, Germany

Do you like playing video games? Yes, for sure!!!
Do you enjoy math? You bet.
Do you enjoy solving puzzles or riddles? Yes, very much so!