Marsha Harp

Known by her students as: "Mrs. Harp"

I love teaching! I have been teaching for 10 years. I am passionate about STEM and believe students should learn the skills needed to see them into a bright career.

When not in front of students, I get to play with LEGOs! I train teachers how to use LEGO robotics in their own classrooms!
I am also a mom of 4 children- one in college, two in high school and one in middle school. When not teaching I love to spend time traveling, hiking, scuba diving and being in nature!


  • BS in Oceanography


Today, most elementary students will hold job titles that don’t even exist yet. Additionally, a large percentage of those jobs will require some form of computational thinking. Because of this, I immersed myself in learning pedagogy relating to 21st century skills and STEAM. I participated in a 5 year STEAM Initiative within my school district to change the way elementary students learned and to prepare them for their future careers.

  • I have lots to offer to my students because I am driven by this purpose and believe all students can be computational thinkers!


Elementary Education
Honor Date: 2012
Honor Issuer: Santa Rosa County School District
Honor description:

Highly Qualified Certification 2012 to current.


STEM Teacher of the Year 
Honor Date: 2019
Honor Issuer: US Air-force Association 


Presenter at CS Fest- Florida
Honor Date: 2021
Honor Issuer: STEM2HUB 


Santa Rosa Innovate Teacher
Honor Date: 2015-2020
Honor Issuer: Santa Rosa Schools


Seesaw Pioneer
Honor Date: 2020


Certified LEGO Coach and Trainer
Honor Date: 2019-2021
Honor Issuer: LEGO Education
Where did you attend school? University of West Florida 
Do you like playing video games? Yes
Do you enjoy math? No
Do you enjoy solving puzzles or riddles? Yes