Janis McDavid

Known by her students as: "Ms. Janis"

Most people wouldn't know that Chadwick Boseman, the actor known as Black Panther, was my cousin. It makes me sad to say that in past tense because I still can't believe he's gone. An interesting thing to know is that I met Chad when I was in school at Howard University. Although we are from a small town place in South Carolina where everybody knows everybody, and we are related, I didn't meet him until I was at school in Washington, DC. We were cousins but we became friends. I miss him dearly and his words will never leave me. "Purpose is the essential element of you."


  • BFA
  • MFA
  • MST


I have been teaching for many years and working online didn't come naturally two years ago but I dived in and took the challenge head on. My background in theatre lends itself to creating engaging classes. I truly think learning should be fun and I am happy to meet and connect with students from all over. 


CD of the Year Award
Honor Date: 2013
Honor Issuer: Creative Child Magazine
Where did you attend school? Washington, DC - Howard University, New Brunswick, NJ - Rutgers University, New York, NY - Pace University
Do you like playing video games? Yes
Do you enjoy math? No
Do you enjoy solving puzzles or riddles? Yes