Kajal Singh

Known by her students as: "Kajal"

I love pets!! I am an avid traveller and fond of Roblox and Minecraft.


  • Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Masters in Information Technology


From the cocooned world of school when I found myself in the unfettered world of university, I was amazed by the potential of Computer Science Education in transforming lives and the future. It inspired me to nurture future creators and to be a teacher by heart and choice. I always go above and beyond to bring out the best in every student. My passion to revolutionize the way computer science is taught has brought me here!!


Honor Issuer: whitehatjr/BYJUS Future School
Honor description: Hosted over 8000 live classes to date at whitehatjr/BYJUS Future School


Hall of Fame Award
Honor Issuer: whitehatjr/BYJUS Future School
Honor description: Received this award for class  excellence and student choice award for being highest rated teacher(5000+ class feedbacks) 
Where did you attend school? U.P. , Simpkins 
Do you like playing video games? Yes
Do you enjoy math? No
Do you enjoy solving puzzles or riddles? Yes